Most of engine spare parts buyers choose GZL

GZL is chosen by most of the engine spare parts buyers in Thailand and CLMV.

GZL provides new engine spare parts with highest quality and also provides consulting on the purchased product as after-sales service for our customers’ benefits.

Sure, we also manage import, export, product consulting and merchandising. Mainly we provide high quality new engine spare parts, transmissions and suspensions are from Thailand. But we also export to global customers.

Last but not least, we do have a team of experts – to consult and help you make smarter choice of your purchase on different circumstances and perspectives.

Brands supplied by GZL?

Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Hino, Kia, Komatsu, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Kubota

Products supplied by GZL?

Just examples of products our expertise handle.

Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, Turbo, Oil Cooler Cover, Oil Pump, Crown & Pinion, Rack, Camshaft, Power Steering Pump etc.

Main distributors of GZL?

Number of traders do purchase and cooperate with us. One of our main distributor in Thailand is Gaeglong. Gaeglong provides consulting and it supports all buyers to gain the best result on every purchase made with us.

We are also looking forward to partnering with more distributors of CLMV in the future.